Africa Day Celebrations in Cork, with Sergio Armaie and Edward Kennedy

Africaday3.jpgAfrica day is celebrated around the world May 25th, the day the Organisation of African Unity was formed in Adis Ababa in 1963, in 2001 the African Union was formed.


Cork has been celebrating Africa day every year, but this year it aims to be bigger and better. All the African communities of Cork have come together to organise a feast for everyone.

I spoke to two members of the organising committee about this year’s celebrations.

Sergio Armaie is Portuguese, his parents came from Angola. Edward Kennedy, the son of Ghanaian parents was born and bred in France. Both of them moved to Ireland to work.

They are the first ‘second generation’ Africans who grew up in Europe, but find it very important to keep in touch with their African origins. They want to know about the culture, the languages and the way of life of the African countries that were once the homes of their parets.

To them Africa day is of immense importance. It is the one day in the year where all Africans can come together and celebrate their rich culture, feel the pride, make connections and show the world what a beautiful and rich continent Africa is.

When I asked if they look for people of the same origins when making friends they told me no, they were adamant that they connect with all Africans, actually a new culture is emerging, that of the Afro-European, or the Afropean, whatever sounds best.

conferenceA very important part of the celebrations is a conference on May 26th with African speakers . There will be some academic speakers, one African blogger, and some African business people.



The Africa day celebrations are sponsored by Irish Aid.

You can listen to the podcast here:

The celberations will be great, if you live near Cork, do come and join in!

Irish Radio International will be broadcasting live from the peace park, and a special programme will be broadcast in The New Rebels on June 2nd.



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