Mary Shields, Mayor of Cork City, reflects on her year in office and takes a stance against racism

Lord Mayor Mary Shields
Lord Mayor Mary Shields

I saw mrs Shields, The Lord Mayor of Cork on several at the multi cultural evening, organised by Tony and Cordelia Oseh and at Africa day. I thought it would be a good idea to do a quick interview with her on her last days in the Lord Mayor’s office/

The Lord Mayor reflected on the past year and noticed how some schools in Cork now have pupils from up to 38 different nationalities. She praises the teachers of these children, who often arrive with very little English. All the children in these schools look very happy

When asked if the city council of Cork has  organised any  events or if there are any bodies to combat xenophobia and racism, Mrs Shields mentioned  Tony Power.of the social inclusion office in Cork who deals with problems of integration.

Mrs Shields then took a strong stance against racism, saying it has no place in the beautiful city of Cork.

here is the interview.

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