King Jay J Boris, rapper and unaccompanied minor asylum seeker in Direct Provision

King Jay J Boris
King Jay J Boris

I met Boris yesterday in the studio of Irish Radio International, where I am resuming my programme The New Rebels.

Boris arrived in Ireland at the age of 15. He was unccompanied. He ran away from trouble in his country Rwanda. His dad who is also on the run paid a trafficker to bring Boris to safety. The decision to bring him to Ireland was taken by the trafficker, not by Boris hiself.

Boris arrived in Dublin and asked for asylum. That was in 2013. He was put in Dierct Provision, where he had to share a room with two other men, both adults who smoked and drank, and who were from different countries. Boris thought he arrived in hell.

Boris’ mother has passed away. One of his sisters, 14 now lives in Uganda, the 2 smaller ones, aged 3 and 12 are with their father in Congo.

Boris doesn’t know when or if he’ll see his father again. Since he left he only spoke to him once.Nasc has helped Boris during his stay here, they enrolled him in school and give him advice.

He copes with life here thanks to the good help and advice from Nasc.

To cope with his circumstances Boris raps, he writes his own lyrics.

Boris hopes to becaome a music producer and to study biochemical engineering. He is going to fifth year in school.

Here is the interview followed by the rap: ‘Oceans of Tears I cried’

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