Cordelia and Tony Oseh, an inspiring couple from Cork who are organising a multi cultural evening

Cordelia and Tony OsehIt’s always a pleasure to meet positive, inspiring people. Cordelia and Tony, a lovely couple and parents of 4 children  from Cork are just that. I met them in the Munster Arms Hotel in Bandon to talk about their upcoming event, the Multi Cultural night which will take place in Togher’s St Finbarr’s nationa football and hurling club on the 6th of June from 4 PM till 1 AM.

Tony explained that it is their way of reaching out to people of all back grounds. He says that racism exists in Ireland, just like anywhere else in the world, but at least here you don’t get beaten up, burnt or murdered.

racial profiling does exist here as well, but the guards who stop you do it with a smile on their faceaccording to Tony.

It’s all a matter of not knowing each other well enough.

Cordelia told us that there will be 2 DJ’s on the night, one with Irish country music and the African one with hot African house music. There will also be some Irish dancing and most attnedees from various countries will come in their traditional wear.

There will be an award ceremony for the best African shop, which will be a good promotion of African businesses in Cork.

The mayor of Cork will make an appearance and various other important guests are expected..

I was at last year’s event and boy did I have a good time. This time promises to be even better. I think it is a wonderful opportunity for people from all backgrounds to come together and celebrate diversity and all we have in common.

For those of yu who live too far to come and celebrate in Cork, it might be a good idea to try and organise a positive event in the area you are from. Let’s celebrate!

Here’s the interview

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