EJ Carr, renowned photographer from the USA talks about his experiences in Ireland

I used to own a new media art gallery here. I enjoyed the experience, but one of the problems was that it was pretty cutting edge, and Cork and Kinsale were not really ready for this, on top of that we had the bad luck of starting a gallery when the recession hit, so needless to say, the Gallery didn;’t last.

One of the photograhers we represented in the gallery was the  renowned American photographer  EJ. Carr.

EJ Carr
EJ Carr

EJ and his family came to live in Ireland in 2007. The initial plan was to stay for just one year but they ended up staying for 3 years. EJ and his wife had really hoped to stay forever, but a combination of issues, like the (bullying)problems his Chinese adopted daughters ecountered at school, a traumatic accident and the monetary problems in recession-hit Ireland made the family decide to move back to Denver.

EJ says he had an artstic epiphany while he was living in the very picturesque Kilcrohane, a feeling many artists living here have expressed.

One of EJ’s artistic projects from his time in Ireland is his portrayal of the Arthurian legends using local people as his models. The results are just amazing. You can find all his beautiful work on his website ejcphoto.com.

EJ misses his days in Ireland and thinks about his days here every day. Let’s hope he comes to visit us again soon.

Here’s the interview:

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