René Perrin from Cameroon works hard and loves to party!

11267476_1444609642534342_560739382_oIt can be very hard to settle in a new country, and there is very little help once you have been through the asylum system. But if you push it, and stay positive, it is often possible to settle down, integrate and have fun.

René Perrin did just that. Unhappy with his life in Cameroon, René decided to seek a better life in 2000. He came to Ireland where he sought asylum from the harsh regime in his own country.

René didn’t speak any English when he arrived. After two years in the Direct Provision centre in Clonakilty
, René was given his permission to stay in Ireland. He didn’t sit still. He enrolled in college and once he got his degree he started looking for work. His wife is a French teacher.

He found a job in a medical device company in Cork and has now settled and feels integrated in Irish society. René and his wife have three children, the eldest daughter is now studying at the university of Limerick, his other two children are in secondary and primary school. They are Irish, feel Irish and speak with an Irish accent. The children have only been to Cameroon once.

René supports his country through charity, he travels back once every two years and organises a soccer tournament there.

He hopes to help his country and other African countries to become happy places where everyone can thrive. René hopes to retire in a democratic Cameroon when he grows older.

melting pot

Loving to dance and have a good time, René decided to organise a party for people from any background, calling it the Melting Pot. His first arty was such a success that he decided to hold a second one.

The life band Daniel Lazarre Benita will be performing live music, followed by DJs playing music from around the world. People are coming fromas far as Dublin to attend.

If you are interested to have a fabulous night with cool Congolese music, why not call 0868836335 to book a place. Fun guaranteed!

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